Eyes Wide Open — Michelle Kelly

When detective Matt Winston solved the murder of a toddler, he never would have believed it would make his career, but break other parts of his life.

His career went nowhere after that. His love life is DOA. Then his boss gives him the murder of a prostitute, Kitty Lewis, to solve.

On the surface it looks like a normal, open and shut case. Prostitutes are killed all the time, aren’t they?

But Kitty’s murder has more than meets the eye and Matt’s little, normal case goes nuclear. A network of paedophiles is involved — a network the police thought they stopped already.

While that is going on, Matt just wants to bring Kitty’s murderer to justice.

Eyes Wide Open is a terrific example of what happens when good writing meets a good story. I loved every moment of it. It’s realistic to the point of being eerie.



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